Aiman Abd-ElSalam
Animation Art Director, Illustrator

Animation Art Director, Illustrator


About Me

This is Aiman Abd-ElSalam, I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1978, and graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts 2001, Animation dept.
Possessing an extensive experience of about 15 years in 2D/3D Animation, Educational Games Art, Mobile/iPad Apps, Educational Print Materials, Video Works and others.

I've been working officially as an Animation Director/Filmmaker at EFC, following ministry of Culture, Egypt, since Oct, 2003.
Since then, I've additionally experienced many Full-Time/Part-Time/Freelance jobs in many multi-international & local studios/companies based in Egypt as Art Director, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Cartoonist, Characters/Backgrounds Designer and Digital Painter.


Computer Skills

Adobe Suite | Final Cut Studio | Autodesk Combustion | Autodesk SketchBook Pro | ToonBoom Suite | Sony SoundForge
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